Sunday, May 3, 2009

HW #9 – Article 6

Article title:

Is Apple getting ready for an 'iPad'


According to the article, Apple has been developing a new mobile Internet device or MID called "iPad", which is something between iPhone and MacBook. The article talked about other similar devices: Amarzon's Kindle is not a major competitor, and PC netbook, which is hurting the gross market of PC industry.
For the software's side, Apple had an advantage for a mini-size computer mainly used for basic Web surfing and email. For example, iPhone OS 3.0, also applications from App Store, which provide a familiar interface looks like Dashboard in Mac OS X. However, the software developers need to put more efforts for iPad if they want their applications run on the new device as well.


With all the different interfaces of all the devices that availabe in the market, web developers need to come up with flexible designs that fits on all these devices. I remembered that we (me and my colleagues) needed to provide almost ten different sizes of the same html email for one campaign last year. That is, the graphic and design of the campaign need to be looked good in all these different sizes. Therefore, you need to be very cautious when you start developing ideas for any marketing campaign.

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