Tuesday, May 12, 2009

HW #13 – Article 10

Article title:

Top 10 Information Architecture Mistakes


As the tilte said it all, the article is about the 10 most common mistakes that people make while developing information or contents of the websites. It is also the overview and outline of a 2-day IA course that the author hold. The author separate the mistakes into 2 main areas: structure and navigation. (The structure mistakes are: No Structure, Search and Structure Not Integrated, Missing Category Landing Pages, Extreme Polyhierarchy, Subsites/Microsites Poorly Integrated with Main Site. For the navigation ones, they are: Invisible Navigation Options, Uncontrollable Navigation Elements, Inconsistent Navigation, Too Many Navigation Techniques, Made-Up Menu. Options.)


I think this article is a great piece, because it did discuss the mistakes that I can find in some websites once a while. For example, everybody think that animations in website are cool. Therefore, people even come up a moving navigation and do not realize that it will confuse the user. By reading this article, we can cut down mistakes that may cost us in the future.

In addition, the author also includes links to other top-ten (useful) lists that the author, Jakob Nielsen try to advise us in developing website.

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