Wednesday, May 6, 2009

HW #11 – Article 8

Article title:

Firefox Could Be the Real Facebook Challenger


The article is about the competition between a browser company and a social network company, (Firefox and Facebook). People might wonder why this is happening. Well, all the big internet companies are building their own Rich Internet Applications (RIAs), which would eventually become their own desktop interface. Google already launched their own browser. Both Facebook and Firefox need to figure out a new models to generate advertising revenues. Firefox comes up a command-line-type Ubiquity system into the address bar. (To get more information, click here) Facebook launched its own desktop interface using Adobe Air.


There is only one reason for what all these company have been doing. And that reason is looking for a way to keep their users or even better getting more users. It is interesting to observe and follow their moves, because you can be inspired or learning stuff that might be useful in the future.

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