Saturday, May 2, 2009

HW #8 – Article 5

Article title:

In Defense of Eye Candy


To defense the important of the role of aesthetic design of websites, Stephen P. Anderson, the author, argued with the following factors: every stimulus that might influence interactions; and attractive things work better; how people "think" cannot be separated from how people "feel". One of the examples was, when the graphic looks like a button, the chance of being clicked by people is much higher than a graphic that does not like a button. It was human nature that people do things that make them feel right. Also, the author pointed out, attention to design details could build users' trust, which finally will drive the website's success.


I think this is a great article as the author used human logic and science to argue the importance of aesthetic design on websites, instead of saying "just for the sake of beauty, make the website look pretty". In my career experience, I see graphic designers that would argue with their clients, just because they can not swallow their "artistic ego".

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